Why you should always have water

After air, water is the most crucial resource for a dog’s body and mind. They recognize its importance and so should you!

A well-hydrated dog is a healthy dog. Water is used to to transport nutrients and flush out toxins through the body. It also aids in proper digestion, functioning muscles and joints, and a regular heart rate and breathing pattern. It’s also important to note that only a hydrated dog can regulate his body temperature, vital in our Arizona climate!

Brain cells are most susceptible to dehydration. Without enough water, dogs become fatigued and it is difficult for our canine friends to think clearly and have good judgement. Dehydration is also connected to higher levels of cortisol and stress. A dehydrated dog is a recipe for frustration!

Your pooch may not be able to articulate it, but they understand the important of water as it pertains to their well-being. By taking water with you when you both go somewhere, you demonstrate to your dog that you understand why water is an important resource. Your dog can relax, knowing that you will take care of yourself and her because you value and keep your important resources nearby!

Make sure your dog knows the water is there. Put the bowl on the ground and let them see you pouring it. Don’t hide it out of the way; make sure it’s readily available. They may not feel comfortable going out of their way to get it.

Always have water available! Don’t go without it, especially in the following circumstances:

  • Any event that will increase stress (travel, new places, vet visit, grooming)
  • For any physical or mental activity (training, walks, sniffing)
  • When they’re outside for any amount of time, especially in hot Arizona!
  • Whenever food is involved (treats or mealtime)

In your home, have at least 1.5 bowls (per dog) of fresh water easily accessible. (For example, if you’ve got three dogs, have five water sources). Replace the water daily and keep the bowl full! Away from home, it’s good to have a bowl per dog.