Four-Session Training Package

This training package is for simple and straightforward cases only. It is not applicable for aggression of any sort, separation anxiety, extreme leash reactivity, extremely fearful dogs or, in general, multi-dog households.

The reason for that is because those sorts of behaviors require the pet parent to achieve a higher level of learning, mechanical skills and have time to go through the process of practicing new behaviors themselves in order to address those challenges with any chance of success.

If you do need help with these issues, please check out our Eight-Session Training Package where we will have adequate time to fully address these more challenging behavior concerns.

Who is this package best for?

New Puppy Parents – you will get help with potty training and socialization as well as learning how to avoid the usual problems people experience including jumping up, nipping/biting, inappropriate chewing, ingestion of inappropriate items, walking on leash, excessive barking. Addressing effective socialization early on can go a long way to avoiding countless behavioral problems including aggression and excessive fear (of strangers, other dogs, noises, storms, car rides and more).

Pet Parents Struggling with Adolescent & Adult Dogs - potty training, chewing, mouthing/biting (non-aggressive), handling & restraint for grooming/brushing/nail trims, sociable dogs who jump on guests, pulling on leash (without reactivity), excessive barking (e.g. at the doorbell, at feeding time, in the car and/or attention seeking), mild resource guarding (growling, taking & hiding things, but no aggressive biting), door barging, coming when called, fear of strangers (no aggression), dogs & cats not living in harmony, preparation for emotional support dog status, marking in the house, craziness around the swimming pool, and more! Usually people have a combination of some of these issues.

What do you get?

  1. Four personal training sessions. The first session is for 2hrs and will take place in your home. Subsequent sessions will last 1 hour and take place either in your home or other off property locations such as The Home Depot, patio restaurants, parks, pet and other stores. Learn more about what is involved in off-property consultations.
  2. FREE Access to the Client Library for 3 months (costs $75 for non-clients). The written handouts are an essential part of the program and provide a wealth of information you can’t get from any other trainer in the Valley. I write new handouts frequently. See our membership registration for more information.
  3. Unlimited text & email support (within reason, e.g. if a new behavior suddenly manifests itself and I need to see you and your dog to evaluate the cause).
  4. For pet parents with a puppy – FREE Kong toy ($6.99 value).
  5. For pet parents with children – FREE book addressing dogs and children interactions ($12 value)

What does it cost?

$625 Non-refundable and payable in advance.

Four-Session Training Package - Part Two

This is only available for pet parents who have already graduated from part one of the four-session training package or an eight-session package. It is appropriate for pet parents who need and want to learn more about their dog’s behaviors, build a deeper bond and continue to address any of the behavior challenges that there wasn’t time for in the first package. It’s particularly helpful for pet parents who have added a new dog to their existing family and are now facing multi-dog household issues.

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