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Let me teach you how to have the best behaved dog possible!!

The majority of dog trainers use outdated methods relying on intimidation, force and conditional rewards.

Scientific research has now proved that the traditional dog training, obedience based, methods are less effective than methods involving consistent fair guidance, meeting all the dog’s needs and the provision of choice.

Dogs’ cognition, emotions and ability to learn is not dissimilar to that of a 3yr old child. Science has shown us that if we teach dogs in the same way as we teach children the dogs make faster and more successful progress than when we use the traditional methods involving force, bribery and coercion.

This, in turn, leads to dogs being confident, educated and able to control their behavior by themselves rather than being trained to obey commands.

My approach is based on teaching pet parents how to build a solid bond with their dog based on trust - forging a deep relationship with these wonderful animals. Following this protocol results in dogs who are happier, more confident and safer to be around.

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Be Kind to Dogs is proudly approved by Canine Assistants! — the #1 most successful service dog organization in the country!


Kathrine follows the same Bond Based Approach as Canine Assistants and maintains close contact with the founder, Jennifer Arnold, in order to stay abreast of the very latest developments in the Bond Based Approach. Read more about Canine Assistants Philosophy.

Don't take my word for it. Check out some of our testimonials.

I work with a rescue group and Kathrine has helped us tremendously. She uses all positive training methods and has great advice on different products to use to help train your dogs (harnesses, toys, leashes, etc). Definitely give you a call if you are having any issues with your pets and need help. You will be amazed at how many things you were doing wrong and how Kathrine can help turn that around for you.

Kristina Johnson, Arizona Border Collie Rescue

Kathrine Breeden provides professional, force free, positive training in your pet’s own home. As a mobile vet, I find that many training issues and behavior problems are best addressed when and where they occur. Kathrine helps educate owners so that they can achieve the best behaviors from their pets. I have had nothing but good reviews from clients.

Lora Schelle, DVM Schelle Veterinary Services

I’m a dog trainer from California and would have no reservations recommending Kathrine. I’m confident she always has the dog’s best interest at heart, and her kindness is clearly evident in all that she says and does. She’s top notch in my book and I love her methods! If you’re in need of training, look no further than “Be Kind to Dogs!

Matthew White, Owner of The Focused Dog

Kathrine uses modern scientifically proven methods, incorporating positive reinforcement, to yield great results. She has helped many of our clients and their pets. We are so happy she uses gentle, effective methods

Mark Schmidt, DVM Johnson Ranch Animal Clinic, AZ

I had a great experience with Kathrine. Not only did she work with our 10 week old Rottweiler but she worked with us. She taught my family so much about what we needed to do to get our puppy off to a good start. I highly recommend Katherine, if your looking for a trainer that really cares!

Candace Sanchez

Kathrine Breeden was introduced to myself as I was opening up my new clinic. As a veterinarian, our goal is to provide the best and most compassionate care to all our pets. We see a lot of stressed animals and clients. Having hand outs and appropriate knowledge in handling is of the utmost importance. Kathrine was like a breath of fresh air. Her genuine personality and her willingness to share her knowledge was so refreshing. My clients speak very highly of her and even find more enjoyment with training their pets. Her library content and handouts on her website are great as well as her Facebook page. She has provided valuable continuing education to my facility and a new awareness of what we can do to strengthen the human animal bond. She is very educated and a great addition to anyone that wants to see the benefits of TRUE positive reward based training.

Andrea Stickland, DVM Animal Medical Center of Chandler

Our Dog Training Services

All of our dog training services are available to pet parents in Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa, and the remainder of our service area. Phone/Video consultations are also available to clients worldwide.

chandler dog training

Eight-Week Training Package

Ideal for addressing more serious behavioral concerns including aggression, leash reactivity, fearfulness or separation anxiety.

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chandler dog training

Four-Week Training Package

Perfect for new puppy parents or dogs with common behavioral concerns like potty training, chewing, excessive barking, pulling on leash and more.

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chandler pet seminars

Mini Seminars for Pet Professionals

Less stressful vet visits, overcome pet sitting and dog walking unique challenges, get more referrals and retain your clients!

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dog training phone consult

Phone/Video Consults

Many behavior concerns can be addressed through phone or video. Also available to clients out of state or country.

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puppy preparation

Pre-Puppy Preparation

Getting a new puppy is an exciting and scary time. Be as prepared as possible to raise a confident and well behaved puppy.

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dog with children

Pre-Baby Preparation

Introducing a newborn in to your home can be stressful for your dog. We can teach you and your dog how to prepare for this exciting time.

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dog at wedding

Pre-Wedding Consults

How would you like your best friend to be in your wedding? Imagine how great it could be to have all your precious family members at the wedding.

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Teaching pet parents to succeed in the East Valley. (Including Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe, Mesa)

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Not in our Service Area?

One-on-One training packages may be available for clients outside of our service area at our discretion. Travel fees will apply. Even if we do not cover your service area please contact us anyway so we can refer you to another appropriately qualified force free trainer. We have worked very hard to locate the other trainers who subscribe to the same high ethics and standards as we do and are happy to refer you to them.

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