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Canine Enrichment: The Book Your Dog Needs to Read

If your dog could choose a book for you to read it would surely be this one. Behaviourist, Shay Kelly shows you how to become your dog’s best friend by providing simple, fun activities to spark their mind and enrich their life. A lack of mental stimulation is a leading contributory factor in dog behavioural problems. Ensuring that our dog's needs are met is the first step in avoiding and rectifying problematic behaviour. Shay's Buddhist values and behaviour knowledge combine to deliver practical, kind, and scientific advice.


LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED by Jennifer Arnold

There are few people who understand dogs better than Jennifer Arnold. Twenty-five years after she founded Canine Assistants, a nationally recognized nonprofit that raises and provides service dogs for people with disabilities, Arnold had an epiphany. She’d always approached the education of dogs with kindness and compassion—eschewing the faux science of fear and domination-based training methods. And she’d always understood dogs to be uniquely, uncannily attuned to their human companions; in fact she depended on it—she knew that the bond that developed between a person and their service dog was the single greatest predictor of that partnership’s success and, conversely, failure to bond brought about anxiety and distress in dogs. READ MORE


A Kid's Comprehensive Guide to Reading Dog.

A Kids' Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dog!: A fun, interactive, educational resource to help the whole family understand canine communication. Keep future generations safe by learning to "speak dog!" by Niki J Tudge
A Kids' Comprehensive Guide to Speaking Dog!

A fun, interactive, educational resource to help the whole family understand canine communication. Keep future generations safe by learning to "speak dog!" The perfect tool for parents, educators, dog trainers and behavior specialists to use in support of family pet dog training.

  • Features the renowned Be a Tree® international dog bite safety program
  • Real life situations explained with photos and fun cartoons
  • Complete toolbox to help children stay safe around just about any dog
  • Written and contributed to by qualified canine training and behavior specialists


A Dog Knows

"Dogs are usually thought of as obedient, loyal animals, but we don’t always pay attention to their wide range of personal¬ity attributes and vast repertoire of communication signals. Dogs not only have advanced and nuanced ways of reaching out to other members of their own species, but have evolved specialized skills to ‘converse’ with humans as well. Dog Knows navigates the journeys of several dogs, helping us decode the rich, complex social and emotional lives of dogs. What does it mean when a dog is not making eye contact, or is growling slowly? How do street dogs learn to cope with fear or pick up communi¬cation skills and how can our pet dogs learn the same? Based on behavioural and ethological research, Sindhoor Pangal uses engaging anecdotes to delve into the ancient, deep and sometimes magical bond that dogs and humans share. Dog Knows is a book that any dog lover will want to have on their shelves. "


How to Raise a Puppy

How to Raise a Puppy moves away from the traditional approach to raising puppies, focused on obedience and control, and instead takes an holistic, dog-centred approach. Drawing on research into how dogs naturally rear their young, and how dogs have evolved to behave and spend their time, it supports a new way of sharing our lives with our dogs. It also offers advice on dealing with some of the common challenges people experience with puppies, and tips for managing adolescence.

A much-needed resource for dog trainers, veterinarians and behaviourists to recommend to clients, this conveys a powerful message to help overcome all too common issues so many people have with their puppies. Packed with practical advice, it offers an overdue "puppy perspective", with respect for a dog as a sentient being at its core.


The Canine Kingdom of Scent

Help give your dog the key to the kingdom of scent!

Your dog truly rules when it comes to scenting ability, but you hold the key to allow him to learn how to more fully explore his kingdom. And that key is your willingness to work with him in what dog trainers call nosework exercises and games. While your dog has a wonderful innate ability to scent, nosework will present fun and interesting challenges which will make your dog more physically and mentally fit as well as to help solidify your relationship with your dog.