Pre-Wedding Dog Training Consults


You’re getting married – congratulations!!!

Now, imagine how great it could be to have all your precious family members at the wedding?

Does your dog jump all over people and get over excited around groups of people? Does she pull like a train on the leash?

Are you concerned it would be embarrassing and stressful to have your dog at your wedding?

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have your dog sitting calmly for photographs with you and your family?

Let me help you resolve your dog’s behavior challenges so she can be there with you on your Big Day!

You might need a pet sitter to bring your dog to the wedding and then take her home and stay with her overnight or longer if you’re going on an honeymoon – what if your dog doesn’t like strangers and you need help acclimating her to the pet sitter? I can help!

My Pre-Wedding Consult addresses planning for your dog’s care from beginning to end of your Big Day.

Don’t delay, call today! That Big Day will be here sooner than you know!

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