Pre-Baby Dog Training Consults


You’re expecting a baby – congratulations!

Your world is going to change dramatically when the baby arrives. What about your dog?

How is she going to feel about the new family member?

Why risk things going wrong when you can take steps to help her love the baby?

Think about any behavior problems you are currently experiencing with your dog and imagine how those behaviors are going to impact the family dynamic? For example, if your dog goes ballistic when the doorbell rings, that could be a real problem when you’ve just got the baby to sleep!

If your dog pulls like a train on leash and/or is reactive to other dogs or people – how are you going to manage that with a baby in a buggy?

If your dog gets over-excited when people come over to visit and jumps all over them – how will you cope with that with a baby in your arms?

Does your dog guard her food and toys? That could be highly dangerous when the baby starts moving around.

Lots of dogs find themselves banished to the yard, or kenneled a lot of the time or, worse still, looking for a new home after a baby comes.

With careful planning you can ensure that your baby is safe and your dog stays happy.

Let me come to your home and formulate a plan to deal with any behavioral problems your dog has. I will provide you with a detailed check list of items you will need to buy and tasks to complete prior to the baby coming home.

By taking this consultation you can avoid so many of the problems that people struggle with when a baby arrives.

It makes a great gift for friends and family too!

Don’t delay – the sooner you get started the better; that 9 months will pass so quickly!

Call today!

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