Continuing Education



  • Current Spay and Neuter Research: New Insights Regarding Behavior and Health Presented by Dr. Nancy Kay
  • Puppy Socialization by Sarah Whitehead
  • April 2017 - "Bond Based Choice Based Teaching"  3 Day Seminar At Canine Assistants, Atlanta GA. 
  • "The Power of Choice Presented by Irith Bloom" - September 2017 
  • PPG Annual Summit in Orlando, Florida – November 2017 – 4 days of intensive seminars on canine behavior


  • Can Psychological Trauma and PTSD in Dogs Really Affect Behavior? presented by Dr. Franklin McMillan
  • PPG Annual Summit in Tampa, Florida - 4 days of intensive seminars on canine behavior


  •  PPG Force Free Summit – November 2015 - in Tampa, FL. 3 days of intensive educational seminars
  • October: Aggression Cases – Pam Dennison Webinar
  • How to work with Deaf and/or Visually impaired dogs – Dr Morag  Heirs​

• “The Seductiveness of Shock” - Kathy Sdao
• “Out of What Box” – Jean Donaldson
• Annual Conference of the Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science (SPARCS).
• “Over Threshold: The Changing Definition” - Eileen Anderson
• “Separation Anxiety” - Malena DeMartini Price

• Annual Conference of the Society for the Promotion of Applied Research in Canine Science (SPARCS).
• Pet Tech Pet CPR & First Aid Training Program
• Thyroid Disease – Dr Jean Dodds
• “The Genius of Dogs” - Dr Brian Hare

• Cara Shannon webinar: Building & Maintaining Veterinarian Relationships
• University of North Texas – Dept. of Behavior Analysis 1 day seminar
• Karen & Bob Deeds: “From Unknown to Understood: A Dog’s Journey to the Real World” 2 day seminar
• Sherrie Yushchak webinar: Integrating Services with a Veterinarian
• “Boom, Puppies & Noise” - Helen Nicholls
• “Six Rules for Loose Leash Walking” - Bina Lunzer
• “Dog Park Etiquette & Safety”  - Carol Byrnes
• “A Recipe for Behavior Modification” -  Angelica Steinker
• “The Pitfalls of Negative Reinforcement” - Jean Donaldson

• University of North Texas – Dept. of Behavior Analysis 1 day seminar
• Reactive Dog webinar - Cara Shannon

• United Animal Nations Emergency Animal Rescue Service Volunteer Training Workshop – Dallas, Texas.
• Association of Pet Dog Trainers Annual Conference – Atlanta Georgia
• Dr. Alexandra Horowitz – “The Umwelt of the Domestic Dog: Imagining the Dog’s Point of View”
• Victoria Stilwell: “The Wow & How Factor”
• Dr. Patricia McConnell: “Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking? An Introduction to the Central Questions in    

  Cognition and emotion in Dog Behavior”
• Dr. Clive D I Wynne: “The Origins of the Scientific Study of Puppy Love”
• Monique A R Udell: “New Discoveries About Dogs’ Understanding of Humans”
• Dr. Myrna Milani: “When Human-Canine Realities Collide”
• Suzanne Clothier: “Puppy & Other Tests”
• John Rogerson: “Turning the Tide”
• Dr. Rise VanFleet: “Canine-Assisted Play Therapy: How Dog Trainers Can Help”
• Dr Rise VanFleet: “Overcoming Frustrations with Those Hapless Humans”
• Dr. Barbara Sherman: “Veterinary use of Behavioral Drugs: A Review of Such Studies”
• Kristen Collins: “Damaged Goods: Working with Puppy Mill Dogs”
• Suzanne Clothier: “Treat/Retreat: Using Autonomy & Safety to Create Confidence & Skill for the Shy/Fearful

• Jean Owen: “But he Can do it at Home…No Really He Can!”
• Pia Silvani: “Feisty Fidos: Reintegrating Them into The Canine Community”
• Telecourse BAT – Behavior Adjustment Training – by Grisha Stewart. March 2010
• Case for Dog Bite Hierarchies – Cara Shannon – June 2010
• Barking & Mobbing - Ray Coppinger – June 2010

• University of North Texas – Dept. of Behavior Analysis 1 day seminar
• Alexandra Kurland - “Going Micro: The Evolution of Equine Clicker Training”
• Kay Laurence – “Reinforcement Patterns, Reinforcement Styles and How They Affect the Outcomes”
• Steve Martin – “The Art of Training”
• Ken Ramirez – “Evolution of the Zoo Trainer: A Personal Perspective”
• Steve White – “Skinner and World Collide!”
• April 2009: Trish King, Sue Sternberg & Brenda Aloff 3 day seminar in Dallas, Texas.
• Brenda Aloff – “Learning is a Psychological Process” seminar April 2009
• Sue Sternberg – “Sociability” seminar April 2009

• “Kids & Dogs” webinar by Colleen Pelar, All About Dogs, January 2008
• Trish King – Abandonment Training Telecourse February 2008
• Steve White – “Transforming your Everyday Training” seminar April 2008
• Brenda Aloff – “Hind Brain Front Brain Paradigm” seminar April 2008

Kathrine Breeden is Arizona's first & only Accredited Professional Canine Trainer. She is the owner and operator of Be Kind to Dogs force free dog training business. She is a truly dog friendly member and endorsed by Animal Planet’s Victoria Stilwell of the popular Television show, “It’s Me or the Dog.” Kathrine specializes in force free dog obedience training, in home dog training, dog training tips, dog training tools and is a professional dog trainer. She can help you to learn how to train your puppy, how to train your dog and prepare for a new puppy.

Some of the services she offers include, but aren’t limited to, In-Home Dog Training, Off-Site Dog Training, Pre-Puppy Preparation, Behavior Training, Phone and SKYPE behavior and training consultations, training freebies through her Facebook group, Open House lectures, “Ask the Trainer” lectures, foce free training with pet first aid and CPR and much, much more. If you aren’t in need of a professional dog trainer but know someone who is, you can also purchase a gift certificate from Kathrine to give to your friends, family or co-workers that are in need of puppy or dog training.

Kathrine is a force free trainer and behavior consultant that is a member of the No Shock Collar coalition.Her philosophy is that Force Free & Positive training results in a dog that follows an owner because it wants to, rather than following out of fear. She has memberships with the Pet Professional Guild, Truly Dog Friendly, Arizona Pet Professionals, is a recommended dog trainer by Best Friends Animal Society and is proactive in animal rights campaigns.

Remember, if you want to learn how to train your dog or how to train your puppy in a gentle, positive reinforcement force-free way, please contact a professional dog trainer, Kathrine Breeden, today at 480-272-8816